Need More Meat?

Need More Meat?

Fast, free & local meat delivery is just a click away in Greeley, Fort Collins, CO & surrounding areas.

In today's fast-paced world, people are trying to find ways to minimize the time they spend on typical errands. Why waste hours of your weekend grocery shopping when you could have food delivered to your front door? Our team at Pieper Meat Co. understands the desire to get food hassle-free, which is why we started a locally sourced meat delivery company.

Whether you're a mom trying to feed a family of four or a business owner who needs fresh meat to sell this month, our meat delivery company has you covered. Call 970-673-2341 now to learn more about our meat delivery service in Greeley & Fort Collins, CO.

Happy Customers!

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Keep Protein in Your Diet

Choose from our beef, chicken, pork and seafood delivery options

Who can use our meat delivery service?

We offer meat delivery services within an 80-mile radius of Greeley, CO. You'll love this service if you’re:


  • A restaurant owner who needs a reliable monthly meat delivery service
  • A grocery store owner who needs to restock their meat selection
  • A parent who wants all-natural meat to feed their family




Want to see what kind of fresh meat is for sale at Pieper Meat Co.? Check out our Products page to see our locally sourced meat delivery options.



Hire a business that cares about you

At Pieper Meat Co., we work to improve our Greeley, CO community any way that we can. That means that during times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic, we're here to help feed our neighbors. Wondering what we mean? Visit our Facebook page today to see what we're doing to help local families and find out how you can help.